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  • The Boutique

    You will find a number of tasteful gifts and souvenirs in our boutique that will allow you to carry a little bit of Latour-Marliac away with you

    In the 19th century, the water lilies created by Monsieur Latour-Marliac were considered to be the ultimate embellishment of the Edwardian garden. They were that small detail that captured all of the attention for their originiality and beauty.

    The aim of our boutique and its merchandise is to offer our clients a selection of items for the home that will embellish the livingroom, kitchen or office in a similar way. Each of our Latour-Marliac branded items are designed by us to evoke the history and atmosphere of the site in Le Temple sur Lot. Some are hand-made; all are of excellent quality. Off-season, these objects may be purchased through our website

    latour-marliac boutique

  • On-site Plant Sales

    It is possible to purchase plants directly at the nursery from March 15 through October 31th.

    We have over 180 varieties of water lily for you to choose from, and you can watch us dig, prepare and pack the plant for you. We also have lotus and a number of other aquatic plants available for sale as well. If you're travelling, we'll ship anywhere in Europe on the date of your choosing, and at a reduced rate. Our specialists look forward to welcoming you and answering your questions.

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