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Nymphaea 'Marian Strawn'

(Strawn, c. 1969)


Leaves reach 15 to 20 cm and flowers 15 cm.

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Not hardy. Leaves reach 15 to 20 cm and flowers 15 cm. Plant up to 1 bulb per 14L Latour-Marliac planting container in 20 to 60 cm of water in order to cover about one square meter of surface. Tropical lilies should be treated as annuals and replanted every year, or like plants such as citrus trees that are brought indoors in winter.

To overwinter tropicals, be sure to let the leaves die completely back before bringing them inside in November or December (so that they form bulbs). Keep the pots moist and in an area that stays at 15 to 17 degrees celsius. The pots can go out again in May or June when water temperature gets above 18 degrees celsius.

Latour-Marliac currently counts over fifty tropical varieties in its collection at Le Temple-sur-Lot, some of which are very rare. We occasionally offer these bulbs for sale on site to clients. For non-local clients, we have put together the fine collection of tropical lilies seen here, which ship from our partner nursery in the south of Spain.


Hybridizer Strawn
Year c. 1969
Leaf Size 30-50 cm
Flower Size 25 cm
Class Size Very Large
Plantation Depth 20-60 cm
Colour White

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