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Nymphaea 'Little Champion'

(Slocum, c. 1997)


Small water lily with pads from 10 to 12 cm in diameter, and 9 cm flowers.

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This is a vigorous little red that is similar to its cousin, 'Perry's Baby Red' but less cup-shaped than that variety. Flowers are a vivid deep red set off against deep green pads.

Plant one per 14 or 20 litre Latour-Marliac planting container at a depth of 20 to 40 cm in order to have approximately one square metre of surface coverage after a year or two.


Hybridizer Slocum
Year c. 1997
Leaf Size 10-12 cm
Flower Size 9 cm
Class Size Small
Plantation Depth 20-40 cm

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