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Nymphaea 'Rose Arey'

(Fowler, c. 1921)


Large water lily with pads from 14 to 20 cm in diameter, and 12 cm flowers.

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The purply pink star-shaped flowers on this lily, which rise out of the water slightly, have made this lily a classic. Easy to grow and vigorous.

Source for origination date: The Mayflower’s Log, August 1936 Historic description:

“A new lily of a brilliant coral pink color throughout. Flowers 5 to 6 inches across,standing well out of the water. The petals are narrow and numerous, and curiously incurved, making it a very distinctive blossom. The stem is brown, the stamens golden yellow. It is a most prolific bloomer, flowering from May 15 to September 1” (W.B. Shaw Aquatic Gardens 1921: 3).

“The edges of its narrow petals curve curiously inward giving an exceptional depth of color and tone” (National Park Service 1940).

“We believe this is the finest hardy pink water lily in the world. It was awarded the silver medal by the New York Horticultural Society...Developed in our own water gardens by L. Helen Fowler” (W.B. Shaw Aquatic Gardens 1932: 13). “Named for a cousin of Mrs. Fowler” (National Park Service 1940).

Source for descriptions: US National Park Service

Plant one per 20 litre planting container at a depth of 40 to 100 cm in order to have approximately one square metre of surface coverage after a year or two. 


Hybridizer Fowler
Year c. 1921
Leaf Size 14-20 cm
Flower Size 12 cm
Class Size Large
Plantation Depth 40-100 cm

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