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Printemps/Eté Préparation - Microbe-Lift View larger

Printemps/Eté Préparation - Microbe-Lift


MICROBE-LIFT SPRING/SUMMER CLEANER had been made especially to accelerate the deterioration of leafs, small branches and other dead organic residue. Spring is the season to clean and revitalize your pond after the cold and hard winter months.

Packaging: 8 bags (8x57 = 455 gr)

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A season procedure for a good organic balance in ponds. The cellulase enzymes are the key to the deterioration of organic residue. It is very import to prevent waste build up on the bottom of your pond. The dead organic residue will turn to compost, which is an assault to your filter system and lowers the quality of your water. • Helps to jump start your pond in the spring. 

- Reduces buildup of dead leaves and residual organic sediment. 

- Pre-measured, easy to handle and cost effective. 

- Natural nontoxic and non caustic.

Contents: (8) 2 oz. water soluble packets (57 gms) of cellulose enzymes and hyper cellulose producing bacteria.

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